sep 18

Berlin Marathon 2018

For two years ago i did the Berlin Marathon for my first time and i was really exicted afterwards, it was a really nice race. And now i got the opportunity to race again.

Die Messe, very big and lots of things to buy , i found the Maurten place easy and got my Berlin Stuff, talked with the guys and they said that i could have even more gel but i wanted to try first. Polar had a big monter and was promoting their latest clock.

I like the race because it is very easy to go the race and get in the slot, not as in New York that it is a pain. I was ready with 6 bags of maurten, one every 30 min. I was not in my best shape, so my goal was 3-3.15 and i started easy the first 5 km, and crusing at 10 km 43 min. then the people was getting more aggresiv and i was follwing the people, little more speed and to hard for me, but it was nice and the track is very nice. At the 21 km i saw that i was not getting at sub 3 and decicde to slow down the speed. a lot of people was passing me then, but at 30 km i was passing people instead. And the amazing thing with Berlin it is feels like flat running all the time. It is a really nice course and sometimes really crowed with people that is shoting at you ..

at 39 km my front legs was getting crashed,, i dropped in speed and was feeling really bad i the legs when i crossed the line .. but 3.10 is best of the year.

It feels really good the have run on the same track and the same day as the world recordholder for marathon and i can understand the feelings.

It is a really good race and i can really recomend it , my  goal is to do the Majors now..


New York





sep 01

FTP test on Trainerroad

Today, two weeks after IM CPH was it time to see my actual FTP on the bike. Trainerroad have a pretty nice workout for FTP and i started the program and discovered that the wattage was not the same on my stages compare with the trainer, both have not been cablibrated, the stages showed 10 more watt.

Anyway it is a pain to do the FTP test and i started pretty slow and could hold 220 watt and up to 240 watt but then the pulse hit the roof. 20 min of high pulse was the most painful, i could not use the power in the legs. TR wanted my to have 210 as a new ftp and my stages had 229 watt and 0,95 is about 217 watt.

I have to get more workouts with  cadens and intervalls and longer intervals with high cadens to get better .

And i have to get out of the blueberry landscape before thinking of any more Ironman.