FTP test on Trainerroad

Today, two weeks after IM CPH was it time to see my actual FTP on the bike. Trainerroad have a pretty nice workout for FTP and i started the program and discovered that the wattage was not the same on my stages compare with the trainer, both have not been cablibrated, the stages showed 10 more watt.

Anyway it is a pain to do the FTP test and i started pretty slow and could hold 220 watt and up to 240 watt but then the pulse hit the roof. 20 min of high pulse was the most painful, i could not use the power in the legs. TR wanted my to have 210 as a new ftp and my stages had 229 watt and 0,95 is about 217 watt.

I have to get more workouts with  cadens and intervalls and longer intervals with high cadens to get better .

And i have to get out of the blueberry landscape before thinking of any more Ironman.



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