Sala Silverman 15 year 2018

2005 was my first Sala and i am problaby one of the few that have done the race most times, 15 Year this year and a finisher t-shirt. Thats was great.

Late to start as usual, very comfortable with the race because i have done it many times. Six days after Copenhagen was a challenge.

New for this year is that they had chip so you could choose to take it easy in the swimstart. But not me. I swam with the top as usual, had a pretty bad swim, zick zack and did not see anything, the sun was in the way , really hard swim, i dont know why i was swimming like a snake, but the time was ok. Up on the bike and felt good, pushing pretty hard on the first lap, on the second lap i started to feel empty in the legs but the issue was that my back started to hurt, the pain from IM came back, so the last lap was a survivor lap with harder wind also.

The run, well my legs was done the first 2 km, but then they started to feel better,  i hade some splits around 4,30 but it never really got up in speed, and the last lap i got payed for the short recovery from IM. Really slow but steady run.

On a good day the swim would have been 1-2 min faster, and the bike 10 min and also the run. 4,30 i still pretty hard to beat, but i am slowest cyclist


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